The Incredible Light Sensitive Features of Borescopes

The traditional science of optics is converted by the Borescopes into an incredible technological feature with the help of simple optical and digital tools. The coordinated working between the objective lens, Penta Prism (installed in select models), camera and the eyepiece generates high resolution images and video footages for the purpose of inspection. These components are aptly supported by the bright illumination from LED and fiber optic cables. Together they form the complete unit controlled by the digital panel. You can use the Borescopes for inspecting the pipelines, sewer lines, tanks and closed constructions. The application areas include residential, industrial, infrastructural and automotive fields etc.

Borescopes Lens Characteristics

  • Lens Structure: – The objective NANO coated lens used in the Borescopes has high degree field of view which extends up to 90-degrees. The layers of the lens are configured in sequential order to form concave structure. When the light from the target object gets reflected back into the lens, it gets absorbed completely. The coating takes care of avoiding external reflections from the surface areas and the edges.
  • NANO Coating: – Traditional Borescopes lenses had single coating for the objective lenses while the latest models come with multiple layers of coating. Most of them get the coating during the stage of manufacturing when the thin layers of concave lenses are assembled and molded to form a single objective lens of higher refractive index. The volume of coating on the lens also increases its focus area around the target object.

Borescopes CMOS Chip

  • Digital Interface: – Advanced versions of Borescopes have CMOS chips at the probing device edge. This acts as interface between the lens and the camera. This digital device is embedded with the intelligence to interpret the optical signals from the lens and use the 4-way articulation method for enhancing the field of view up to 90-degrees. Now you will be able to get crystal clear images of the inspection area without any room for chromatic aberrations.
  • 360 degrees View: – The development of defects within the high pressure pipes starts as a hairline crack. You might not be able to observe their presence with normal inspection. The Borescopes offer unique 360-degree views with the help of rotatable mounted lens and camera assembly. The device is capable of capturing the real time video footage from the high pressure pipes. You will be able to observe the minutest forms of cracks anywhere in the pipes with highest degree of accuracy.

Borescopes LED Lamps

The Borescopes LED lamps are supported by the optical fiber cables which connect from the tip of the probe to the eyepiece/camera. The intensity of the illumination can be effectively controlled from the digital panel in the display unit. The rotational movement of the LED panel along with the lens and camera assembly makes it highly flexible to be used in the complex network of pipelines. The device can capture high resolution images with best of magnification properties. The light sensitive parts and components of the Borescopes make them highly efficient and effective in nature.