The different types of bail bonds

When you are subject to arrest and shown the rough end of the road you are in a soup. There are few among us who really understand about the bail bond process and how does it work. Dauphin County bail bondsman would guide you on how to go about the process. Knowledge does appear to be the key where you are subject to arrest. It does make sense to hire a criminal lawyer. Not only they will guide you on how to free yourself from jail but would guide you during the process of defencetypes of bail bonds

In certain cases, it does make it possible to release a defendant on their own cognizance. It means that the person has gone on to agree on specific terms and conditions which are put forward by the court. This does ensure that their quick release. The only requirement that you would need to comply would be to appear at court on the day you have been told to. Without paying any money you are being free to go. But if they do feel to arrive on the date they are chargeable to contempt and then an arrest does occur.


Sometimes the judge would go on to provide a property bond. This would give an individual release after having put their property on the lien. You would need to hand over the actual title to the court and once you comply with the conditions of the bail agreement you will get it back. If they fail to appear in court it does seem obvious that a lien does appear on the property and subject to forfeiture.

In order to free yourself from jail, there does appear to be another bond that goes by the name of the surety bond. The bond would be in exchange for a percentage amount that is mutually agreed upon. The attorney does go on to pay for the bail amount as the person would appear in court on the date. The bail bond agencies to keep the amount that you would have to give them. On the other hand, the attorneys keep it as part of their legal expenses

In certain cases, a defendant may have the option of a securable bond. Here you do go on to provide the amount directly to the court. Once the trial process would be the amount would be back. In certain cases, the amount does stay with the court as a form of the fine which the defendant incurs. The monetary parameter does appear to be set, but it would mean to be an incurable form of a personal bond. Whatever the amount a court sets the defendant would have to pay if they fail to appear in court.

Whatever be the amount of bond you require, one might need to avail the services of a criminal defence lawyer. The attorney will not only help you during the process but many times they would reduce the bail amount at the same time.