It’s Time to Upgrade to Quickbooks 10.0

Quickbooks have been enjoying a very good rate of popularity with the market since its introduction to the market. The fact that it has already reached the tenth version or build is testimony to how famous the accounting software is among its intended audience. If you have been using any of the older versions of the Quickbooks software, it is time for you to upgrade the software to the newest version.

There are a lot of things that you can have access to with the Quickbooks’ latest version. These benefits will be more than enough to justify the amount of money that you have invested in the implementation of the newest build from Intuit Software.

Multicurrency Support

The newest version has been created with a support for multiple currencies. The software is now able to calculate and convert different currencies especially for multi-national companies that have operations in different countries. Calculations are now faster and with less errors in the process. When your accounting department handles different currencies, all you have to do is enter the amounts and the software handles them easily. The multi-currency functionality will make life easier for your accounting department.

Multiuser Configurations

Quickbooks 10.0 can now accommodate a lot of users. If your accounting department has grown or is about to grow to a point that some users can no longer be accommodated by the current software of Quickbooks, the tenth build will allow you to let up to 30 users or accountants into the network and use the software.

Having more accountants taking advantage of Quickbooks’ feature will improve the efficiency of your accounting department. The software’s benefits will ensure a more efficient and effective accounting department. Your accountants can now make changes on multiple files and back it up accordingly with the linked database that the software comes with.

International Payment Service

This is yet another advantage to investing in the latest version of the Enterprise Quickbooks solution. Quickbooks 10.0 will allow you to make international transactions with ease through the use of an international payment service. With this new feature, you can now make payments and receive payments through the service in 100 different currencies. Multi-national companies can now make transactions with their international clients easier.

More Custom Fields

There are a lot of data that the previous versions have not been able to accommmodate before because of the different data formats. However, Quickbooks 10.0 has improved its support for custom fields, enabling you to encode data of different formats into the system. This would include non-financial data like phone numbers and date in order to improve data accuracy. Incorrect data due to format problems are also reduced significantly with the 10th version of the Quickbooks solution.

There are several other new features that you can enjoy about the Quickbooks 10.0. To find out about them, invest and put your money into the latest version of the accounting software. There are a lot more wonders that you can enjoy with the Enterprise Quickbooks 10.0.