Gadgets & Gizmo’s – The Ultimate List for Guys

A cool gadget is all you need to get noticed in the crowd. These are really smart and useful at the same time so next time if you want to get the best gift for any guy just goes for these extraordinary gizmos and gadgets for men. Bike is an ultimate choice to get to school, work or just go around town. This portable Folding bicycle will be an ideal pick for someone who uses it on daily basis. You can cold I easily and carry it inside along with you as this will not occupy much space. So that you can relax and stay tension free, need not have to worry about it getting damage in the harsh weather condition or worry about getting stolen. This bike can easily be squeezed into any closet or cubicle r can even fit in a small room without looking crowded. You can also travel with it in train or bus, it’s so portable and affordable bike.

Do you still like shooting the rubber band of your finger? This was such a fun game for many of the guys and it is still, well this has really gone to a different level. The Rubber band Machine Gun is such a fun gadget gift. How does this works? Well it has the battery powered motor and a single squeeze trigger which will let you shoot ten rubber bands per second and gives you an entire minute of shooting by holding up to 63 bands. Great forum office wars and of course at schools or just to have fun with your siblings. This gun is made of wood and easy to ensemble. Dose you man love coffee and if he loves making by himself then he is sure going to love this gadget. The portable espresso maker. With this hand espresso make a cup of coffee anytime and anywhere. Do this on a move and hey not worry about spilling it on the ground. Well this has prefilled ESE pods of coffee. On a touch of a button it will pressurize and makes the espresso in just two minutes.  It can fit in the front console of your car or perfectly under your car seat. The case is made of sturdy material and holds two unbreakable glasses one for you and the other for the passenger. This sound’s so interesting and a great idea to gift it to the coffee lovers and to the drivers as it is something very useful for them. You must have probably seen these two wheeled electric scooter being used at the malls, airports and at the concerts. These hands free scooters are definitely a hands down fun for guys. So if you are good at balancing then it’s the best ride you could have. Yes you will have to control it by leaning in the direction you want to move. This I super convenient than a regular bike or a scooter but mind you it not light weight.